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​Parental alienation These days, many families are not in the lives of their children. Various changes in the society, higher divorce rate between parents and greater disharmony between parents and grandparents and multiple fathers in and out the homes are weakening the family as a nucleus institution. Theses social changes have produce dramatically opposite results, where families are being dissolved everyday and children separated from their biological fathers. As a conscious mother and grandmother watching the lives of my grandchildren in controversy and chaos made me become a strong advocate for the greatest cause on earth Children Seen Heard and Believed. It has deepened the passion for children and sweetened the power of my purpose. I will continue this work until my last breath serving one child at a time. Giving him/or her half a chance at life, making a real difference. Lately, witnessing the turmoil and lack of communication that we are experiencing has inspired me more than ever to enlightened empowered and enrich because children symbolizes renewal, innocence and the future. Living A Life Of Purpose. Miraculously Yours, CSAH., Living  for the children. Any Child, Anywhere, Anytime.


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