Children Seen And Heard, Inc

A Diverse Nonprofit  organization 501c(3)

which seeks out the consciousness of individuals and other organizations so that we may revamp the way socierty views our children and working towards their newly-founded lives in harmony love, trust and hope 

​Doing Right By Doing Good!

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 ​Children Seen And Heard, Inc.

THis Cause Will Change How You View Our Children 

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Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

​​To Educate. Protect. Prevent. and Serve. We are forward social thinkers passionate to create high quality programs and services with intelligence for our children not only to save at- risk childhoods but will also help solve community's growing social issues and give hope to a child every where they live and play doing it with love passion and integrity. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WE believe that social entrepreneurship is an incredible force of good on this planet. We ​believe that there is no greater feeling than knowing we have touched a child's life in a deep profound way. We believe that we can help lots of homeless children with our recognized qualifications skills, education and experience. We believe that our cause is one of the greatest inspiration for own personal growth. We believe that our social actions is a true reflection of our values. We believe in integrity, creativity and growth. We are proud to be connected with a growing social conscious unstoppable organization. We believe in a world where every single child will be seen heard and believed. Our work is supported primarily through dedicated committed individuals, friends and family. Protection is now the new prevention so that our children can have a better day now.  We symbolize Insight, wisdom, protection, intelligence, knowledge, education and transition, we are all visionaries and what we see is our soul in things. A child's life is symbolic. Helping Children Step into Their Best Selves of their own image and likeness Today and everyday! Every Day Children.

Opening and developing innovative mobile activity services for homeless children in a safe loving environment that embraces Children Seen and Heard. Building relationships between adults and children, where children will be seen and heard through socially-conscious practices that proactively enrich the lives of precious souls in our community. Revamping How Society views Children. 

Our Outreach power team in Palm Beach and Martin Counties needs your flexible support. Volunteers, supporters, idealists and donors are in high demand for action. Give your contribution now. Be More Do More and Live More.

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